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Which franchise is better-Star Trek or Star Wars?
Let the debate and infighting begin.. (just make sure I have enough popcorn to sit back and enjoy).
Doubting Thomas
I'll abstain from debate because I've never really been a fan of either. Yes, I was a geek in high school, but not a Star Wars or Star Trek geek.
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I'll say that Star Trek is a better franchise on the basis that they're just so damned much to appreciate, and that it never, ever aimed at entertaining children. This isn't to say that the Star Wars movies aren't pretty good, though.
I'm more a Star Wars fan, but I like them both. The Star Wars soundtracks are really well done, and the first two versions ("Episodes IV and V") are really great.

The new Star Trek movie is a must-see for me, though. It's getting great reviews, and the prequel to Star Trek sounds like a very interesting concept.

I hated the original Star Trek TV series when it came out because it seemed so hokey, but I enjoy it now. (Gotta love those miniskirts!)
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I have to go with Star Trek. For bang for buck I have gotten a much longer and therefore much more entertaining ride out of Star Trek. Star Wars was easily the overall winner in visual believability. AKA special effects. At least early on. But Star Wars evolved along with technology and there were hundreds of more hours of Star Trek entertainment as compared to the six approximately 2 hour long Star Wars offerings. Don't get me wrong. I loved Star Wars. But in the long run Star Trek had more to offer.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Bob of QF
Arguing strictly from an entertainment perspective? Never occurred to me, actually.... Shock

I had always seen and argued from the perspectives of the two competing philosophies.

Star Wars was based on Entitlement. That is, you were *born* with an Entitlement/skill, and nothing you could do would change that. If you were born without? You were cattle fodder; to be consumed and killed by those who are Entitled. Two Queens: everyone else is Pawns. That is the model of the Star Wars universe.

Star Trek, on the other hand, is all about Teamwork. How many times have you heard the various captains exclaim, "Take Care of my Ship" (meaning it's crew...)

Star Trek's government was called the Federation, and based on democratic participation of the various races.

Star War's government was a dictatorship most of the time. Even the Senate had a Supreme Leader who wielded extraordinary powers...

In Star Trek, it was the Away Team.

In Star Wars, it was the Lone Entitled Jedi.

No, of the two philosophies, I prefer Star Trek over Star Wars.


But they are both damn entertaining.....!

Each is a different; one is speculative fiction, (SciFi) the other is Pure Fantasy (with the name of "magic" being changed into "force"....but it's still Fantasy).
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Bob of QF, a very interesting take. Given my own political propensities it is surprising that Star Wars never struck me the same way. Given thought I have to agree that there is a certain amount of acceptance of elite control in the series. I do believe that an argument can be made that the rebellion was fighting to destroy the power of the empire and bring back a level of self control to the universe.

I have to admit, I always enjoyed the movies from the time I was given a freebie by a coworker to see the first, near the end of its original run on the big screen. I will now look at them with a more critical eye.

I must say I know little about Star Trek. During the time it was most popular I either did not own a television or if I did I mostly only watched sports.

I think you raise a good point in general. One should look critically for some of the underlying assumptions in entertainment. Entertainment, either consciously or not, is often promoting a particular world view. One should try to understand that and critically look at whether or not that world view is consistent with ones own understanding of the world. Or whether one should consider that the world view presented has some merit.
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