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They Debate You Decide: Atheists are less than human?
Okay... So.. I think Penn Jillette is one of the more brilliant people on this planet. I loved the Bullshit series.. and now he has a series on YouTube called "Penn Says"... you should check it out..

One of his "Penn Says" posts is about some Cardinal guy that insinuates "Atheists are less than human"... basically because they dont have god in their lives.

Their video debate has been posted

Enjoy. Smile
That was hilarious! I got a huge laugh out of it. I couldn't agree more with Mr Jillette. Thanks for posting the link to it.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
WOW, listened to them both. The Cardin...err I mean, Cormac, like Penn Said, "Dip Shit!" He is pretty short and to the point on these bits. I am also a fan of the "Bullshit!" series, I like the one about the bible.

Watch Part 1 - 3 right here
That's right, I said it...
I love Penn and Teller.
Thanks for the link woodybass.

I'm having some problems watching videos on my computers right now, but I'm looking forward to seeing these when I can.

BTW - I like what I've seen of your site so far.

I was finally able to watch the second video too (Jillette's) - love it! My sentiments exactly!

Love Penn and Teller too.

There are three kinds of cardinals that are real, IMO - birds, the Major League Baseball team, and the professional football team.


*Edit - Personally, I think with church pews emptying at the rate they are, and atheists coming out of the woodwork, church leaders are feeling the 'movement' and seem to feel threatened. I think they're scared shitless, grasping, and saying this kind of thing now out of fear and, obviously, hatefulness.

Awwwww - good.
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