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What Are They Up To and why? any ideas?
Oh, and I only did the 'sneak the food to the dog trick' once, because naturally I got caught and got in so much trouble for it I never did it again.

My parents were stern and strict disciplinarians. They didn't take that kind of thing lightly at all.

TE, It is very possible that the amount and time they eat has something to do with it. I know they aren't lyeing to themselves or the rest of us only because I have lived with them and saw for myself. But I do remember when I did live with them they ate 3 square meals a day and like Hypatia pointed out I think the portions were too much for them even though they did require more than I did at the time. It's such a mytstery as to why it starts at puberty for them ? Oh and BTW I have a neice who was given every test on earth possible LOL I swear by her Mother. She was frantic with worry about her daughter becoming obese. That kid would fill her plate, I'm not kidding, about 4" high mound and ate all of it. After countless tests, MRI's, EKG, Stress Tests, I call the the other one brain test. I forget the name of it but it had something to do with her brain. Anyway the Dr. finally found the problem is in her brain. It doesn't signal when the body is full. So she kept eating never feeling full. Her stomach would be full but her brain just didn't know it. We found out too that she had a learning disability and she wasn't really disobeying everybody or being defiant she thought she was doing right. The kids were cruel of course and they got in in a special ed class and she ended up doing great in that class. She learned so much more at her own pace and found she isn't dumb, stupid or incapable of learning or understanding she just needed a little help learning how to learn because her brain processes different. She will never be Einstein but at least she's not a total dumbass. Not that bright but a good heart now that she's getting older. She graduated HS and takes care of children in day care center as assistant/helper. She is exceptionally good with children. I hope she one day can run her own. Though she is a lttle stubborn like her grandmother LOL tell her not to do and of course she wiill except when it comes to the safety of the children.

Here in the US as Hypatia pointed o0ut we eat twice as much as necessary. I think it all started with get what you pay for, more for what you pay for and the soda industry. I got the starving children in the world too Hypatia and made the mistake of telling my Father give it to them Yikes! Shock I never said that again. My reason wasn't to help the starving and he know was simply an attitude of stop giving it to me and I don't believe you so I call your bluff and tell you send it to them. LOL.

I met a man who ran a constuction business. He slacked on his Insurance Payment. Wouldn't you know it that's when he has an accident and has to miss work, no Insurance, Hosptial bills up the wazzoo and ended up in a wheelchair the rest of his life. He lost his business which needless to say led to loosing his home. To be able to get State disability you must go to a boat load of Doctors to prove you are disabled and you can't, as far as I know, own property or a business. You must be completely well disabled. Most people aren't homebound but if you're elderly/Sr. Citizen then your're screwed and must be homebound. Figure that one out :rol:
Well lots happens to the body at puberty, new things grow, other things work overtime. Also, it tends to happen that puberty coincides with gaining more independence within a family. So for a lot of cases they will be away from controlled diets in their home and out eating fast foods etc.

Thats true for the UK at least, children dont seem to be sheltered (possibly due to 16 being the legal age for sex) and they tend to head out into the world as puberty hits (11-14 is it usually?).

I recall going home after school once and seeing a girl eat a large bag of chips with a battered sausage, no doubt to go home and wait upon another dinner from her parents who were none the wiser but left wondering why she was obese.

I dont eat small portions myself (well normal portions) for instance take Fajitas. You get a box of 8 wheat flour tortillas your salsa and the seasoning and the box indicates it serves four people. Thats with 450g of chicken added. What I do is throw in 500g maybe 600g of chicken to the mix, 3-4 peppers (instead of two) and a large onion (instead of medium), so already iv technically made enough for 5 people. Then I eat the lot as two seperate meals.

So I do over eat, but also I exercise throughout the week. At least 3 nights a week I do at least one hour. Swimming by the way, is brilliant exercise. So you can over-eat, but you have to balance it with exercise.

I have a great love of food, I used to eat KFC bargain buckets in a sitting, thats 8-12 pieces of chicken leg, wing, rib. The stomach will stretch to any size over time if you keep throwing food into it. Iv stopped doing that now and dont think it would be physically possible to repeat.

So as has been raised by Hypatia, portion control is very important, and telling children to eat everything on their plates is not what should be done. I have also heard the starving African line and yes, responded with the give it to them then (its surprising we dont all die of anorexia after that one, after our parents instilling this guilt trip). A child will always tell you if they are hungry.
Well lots happens to the body at puberty, new things grow, other things work overtime. Also, it tends to happen that puberty coincides with gaining more independence within a family. So for a lot of cases they will be away from controlled diets in their home and out eating fast foods etc.

Another good point here TE.

I dont eat small portions myself (well normal portions) for instance take Fajitas. You get a box of 8 wheat flour tortillas your salsa and the seasoning and the box indicates it serves four people. Thats with 450g of chicken added. What I do is throw in 500g maybe 600g of chicken to the mix, 3-4 peppers (instead of two) and a large onion (instead of medium), so already iv technically made enough for 5 people. Then I eat the lot as two seperate meals.

I'd say you're doing ok here because veggies don't really count as makeing you fat and are quite healty for you. Chicken is ok too as long as you don't eat the fat on it but that usually melts away if you're eating grilled chicken thighs. Yeah it's all about balance which I tend to not keep lately. I'm getting too lazy in my comfort zone and I think it's also because at my job I don't get to sit still motionless all day long like most women do. I get up and down all day long and it's in sporatic spurts. Not good enough to be considered exercise or real walking just jumping up an down off the freaking chair all day long. I hate it when my feet hurt at work b/c it's a bitch when I can't stay still for at least an hour other than lunch.

Yes a child has no problem saying Mommy or Daddy I'm hungry. It's usually when the vegetables are left though LOL that's when you know it's not that they are full just full of it and it not being food or veggies LOL. I used to put a little pat of melted cheese on veggies for my nephew and he at it up like no tomorrow. I saw on a taped program of Good Morning America where in this I think it was School they put out McDonalds Mc Nuggets wrapped in the usually packaging and vegetables in brown bags they chose the McDonalds. The next day they switched the wrappings and the kids liked the healty food simply because they thought it was McDonalds. It may have been other fast food garbage they used but I thought it was funny how they ate it up thinking it was good and liked it when it wash healthy food instad of the fast food gargabe.
Patia I used to sneak food to my little Brother LOL. My Mother used to make me sit after dinner and stay put until I ate all my food because my Father insisted. They just couldn't understand my little tummy was full. The dog had to stay downstairs while we ate and only once did I get to give it to him, rats. Mom finally got the hint that I just can't eat that much and let me go a few times when my Father wasn't listening.
Hey Sin, I wrote a brillaint reply only moments ago, tried to post it and the internets swallowed it. Ill try to reproduce it as best I can.

I never had a problem with vegitables as a child (had the odd bout of not liking a specific one, for instance tomatoes - probably due to having a taste bud swell up or something) I think because my parents never stressed a difference between veg, meat, fish, grains etc they were all just food. I think my mom being a qualified cook also helped a great deal. Its a shame people never learn to cook a few good meals.

Ye chicken is pretty good, I use breat mainly in my cooking. Beef and lamb on the other hand I can never bring myself to cut off fat. But its not fat alone that causes fat, the excess carbs and sugars can be turned into fat and even proten that isnt used can be too im told.

Food and our attitudes towards it are a big issue with me. For instance, meat is an inefficient way of getting food to peoples mouths, much of the grain and other things that we pass through herds could be better employed by directly feeding the growing world population. But I can see, as I love meat, that doing away with it all together is impractical and I would say unhealthy.

What my idea is involves bring children to farms, as we already do in the UK, and have them see the rearing, milking but in my scheme the butchery. And at a later age to take part in the killing and butchering process themselves. This would help educate children as to where their food comes from, but more so I think it would discourage some from eating meat. What do you think to that?
We feed so much grain and water to animals to then slaughter for food, when in all actuality it is better for us to eat what we feed to the animals than it is for us to consume as much meat as most of us do. Plus, when we 'grow' so many animals for food consumption rather than growing grains, fruits and vegetables, we erode more top soil and pollute the ground and ground water with the waste from the animals. Also, we get such a small percentage of meat from the animals compared to the larger amounts of grains, corn, water, etc., that we feed them - and we can feed more people with what we feed to the animals than we can feed with the meat from the animals.

I eat meat, but not a lot of it, and certainly not nearly as much of it as I do other foods. I was a vegetarian for many, many years and did well on that diet. But then, sometime in my 30s, I just started feeling like I needed some meat, so I started eating some again. At first it was kind of nightmarish to do - at least mentally, but my body felt like it needed it, and my mind adjusted.

We were raised to eat just about everything, i.e. we weren't picky about vegetables, fruits, etc. We always had vegetable gardens and would eat food right from the garden - much of it in its raw and uncooked, natural forms.

As an adult I've always had a preference for vegetables over fruits, but I eat both. I've cared for a lot of children and have found that when they're given a wide variety of foods from a young age they're usually very accepting of them - even foods such as tofu and soy milk. Save for personal tastes, perhaps an allergy here or there, and the fact that very young children go through phases of only wanting to eat a small variety of foods, kids will eat well if given good foods and adults don't make a big deal about it.

It's the people who give kids nothing but chicken nuggets and hot dogs, for example (thinking that kind of thing is 'kid food'Wink all the time and then try to throw in some veggies, or cut down on the soda and candy, that have problems when they try to straighten out the diet later on.

Aw sheesh TE I think it would tramatize young children. Even kids in HS it could and for many animal lovers it would traumatize them. Though maybe it wouldn't if they are brought up to accept it as part of life like when raised in rural / farm areas. But kids from the city it would have a whole different affect on. I was brougt to a farm when little and the cow tried to eat my dress LOL. I still loved and ate steak when we could afford it back then. I felt sorry for the cow but still ate the meat but then again I didn't see the butchering of the cow I only saw the cow and was told that's where the food comes from and the cow had to die for me to eat the steak. My Father was furious that they did that he didn't want me to refuse to eat meat especially when he knew was a picky eater to begin wth and he finally found something I would eat which was meat... I loved the taste of it.

Then again they weren't tortured back then either and they werent' given steroids either or slaughtered for our food when sick. I think to do what you suggest as far as being part or or seeing the butchering would require seeing how they are raised as well and getting permission from the parents and the children/teen kids would also have a say in it. If they don't want to then they shouldn't be forced to anymore than they should be when a class was brought to an emblaming session without being given fair warning of what it could do to them. Poor kids never saw a dead body let alone the grotesque what I call mind boggling toruture they wer subjected to. Some of the girls were traumatized and fainted the parents were fruious because they wern't told about it until it was too late. So I wouldn't even venture to suggest it without going through proper channels, steps, permissons and fair warning of what it could do to a person to see that.

TE and Patia you are both right we could be eating the grains we feed the animals but what bothers me too is that when I want whole grain or wheat grain bread I want wheat grain not corn grain it my bread. It infuriates me to see the ingredients and on the bread itself made with corn brean. Corn is very starchy and has a shit load of carbs in it. Diabetics cant' touch it Angry

Our biggest problem isn't meat eating IMO. It's the crap put into the animals we eat and too much sugar, carbs and fatty foods or more like greasy foods. I especially hate that they put antibiotics in chickens what a stupid thing to do!! Angry It weakens our defenses when we do need antibiotics for ourselves because our bodies become immune to it's ability to do it's job when we get sick and need them. We are being over drugged and not even going to the Doctor for the drugs and not even sick to need them Angry

Moderation is the key to eveything. We all need a little of each food group and if that means some unhealthy snack foods then go for it if it's in moderation. If we don't have what I call a little cheat food then we feel slighted and food gets real boring real fast. Though I don't like the idea of kids being raised for example to think eating extremely sugary cake is right either. Every Birthday there's an over abundance of sugar in the Birthday cake. Why not a less sugar cake why does it have to be the real sugar kind. There's cake and then there's all sugar fluffed up to look like a cake. May as well inject the sugar right into your veins.

Yeah internet has been eating my posts too. I usualy click 'select all' then 'copy' then try to post this way if it doesn't post I just click 'refresh' a few times like 10 then paste it into the quick reply.
oh yeah and...

Ye chicken is pretty good, I use breast mainly in my cooking. Beef and lamb on the other hand I can never bring myself to cut off fat. But its not fat alone that causes fat, the excess carbs and sugars can be turned into fat and even protein that isnt used can be too im told.

Sometimes I switch to lamb shoulder or lamb cubes to make a lamb stew. Meat has a funny taste to me now. ShopRite usually has the worst after taste than any other store meat. I only have beef like prime rib on very special occasions which are few and far between for me to eat meat like that. Other wise I generally stick to chicken and keep it bland. George Foreman grill is great and no salt bread crumbs for the drumsticks work for me. I don't even marinate anymore to keep my salt intake lower. I always try to buy the no antibiotic chicken. It's more expensive but not by much but hard to get in all stores. Harder to get boneless, skinless chicken thighs that are no antibiotic brand.
I remember being in Ireland and out with my moms uncles who were rabbit hunting, they smeared the blood on my face and I wasnt traumatized. Children are incredibly open minded, and if you dont create a huge fuss over something they wont really notice I think. Something similar to teenagers lashing out in defiance, precisely because issue was raised around some subject or other.

Im also agree that people should be encouraged to eat a little dirt sometimes, have a few foreign bacteria in their gullets. There has been a massive rise in child asthema over here, related to all the cleaning chemicals in modern houses.
TE if the School did what your uncle did they would be sued to no end. Maybe it's different when it's on a personal bonding level with Uncles, parents, family members but when it's done through the School the bonding ends. I for one wouldn't want my child or myself to be subjected to that. I don't come from a family of hunters other than my Country Cousins. Even with them I can't stand it. To them it's part of life. They keep the deers head and but in their refrigerator and take pics of it. To me that is disgusting and nothing to be proud of when I have so many supermarkets to choose from and when it should only be for the purpose of eating to stay alive not for tophy show off and ego boosting. IMO it's not being a man jor make you a man ust because you hunt and kill. Even though you might not make it a big deal and kid seems ok you can find later in life the kid grows up to admit it did have a bad or good affect on them. It's like when kids are molested they don't admit they are hurt and keep it quiet because they fear or sense they better shut up and go along or else. Anyone knows kids sense when the adult wants them to like what the adult is trying to get them to accept. They go along, not all of them, but many go along to be accepted and not to upset the adult they either love, respect or fear. Still not a good idea to do this through the Schools.
My point in all of this is that people rarely think about where their food comes from. If people saw the conditions that most of the animals are kept in theyd want it changed, and knowing that something is going to die for your food they may be encouraged to encourage the producers to give the animals pretty decent lives, ie freerange.

Im one for informed decision as far as is possible and decent, and seeing as people will be eating it, I think they should see the process at least once in their life.

It wouldnt be a WOW WATCH US KILL THESE THINGS AND LOVE IT affair, they would be told in a classroom where certain food stuffs come from, they would be taken to a farm to see crop harvesting, processing and then if they wanted to see the meat production.

Some will not want to, some will go along with friends agreeing to see it. Well, maybe primary school is too early. How about 14-16.
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