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R.I.P. Atheists/.com/today/et al
Sentimental fool that I am, I have been observing the proceedings here at Atheists Today with great trepidation. Postings have fallen off at an alarming rate. Skeeve, our administrator, hasn't posted in quite some time. Seeker hasn't been heard from in months. Even Catman, the hands down winner for most posts by an individual, has not posted in several days. Conversations are such that conceptual continuity becomes difficult if not down right impossible. I haven't been with this group as long as perhaps Skeeve (who's identity at I don't remember) or Catman or Hypatia or Sinny or Rayven but I have logged a number of years which include some time with the original site

The conversations there were intoxicating. There were many threads that involved modern life, biology, theology, bibliography, the arts and so much more. It was intellectually stimulating.

Then, for reasons that are unclear, we lost our web site. It was supposedly bought and buried by an Islamic group in Turkey or somewhere for the sole purpose of smothering anti religious thinking. (They may have been partially successful.)

Atheists, being the creatures that we are, refused to allow our site and group to be manipulated in such a fashion. We created other web sites to further our agenda. In the interim there were several attempts to resurrect After several failed starts Atheists Today was conceived and produced by Skeeve and for a time it held its own.

But, since many of the original members were not kept abreast, due to the ever changing landscape , our numbers had dwindled. As of this posting, I would estimate, there are less than a dozen actively posting members. In truth the number is probably less than that.

I have been supporting this site because I consider many of you to be my friends. Unfortunately many of you no longer post here, therefore the effort becomes redundant. I would like to suggest that we all agree upon another atheist site with a lot more traffic that we could all join and maintain our camaraderie.

If most of you disagree I will continue my support of this site.
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I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Things happen and people get pulled away.

The last time I was dedicatedly posting was when I was formulating my Move to Canada plan with the help of members here, Photon being a great help with offering an introduction with a company over there. I also enlisted the help of Neilmarr with my CV (havent seen Neilmarr post in ages, is he ok?) at one point.

Well what happened to me, the financial state of the country is what happened. I couldn't get a job so I couldn't save the 5000 or so that is needed in the bank to have Canada consider giving you a working visa or other. So I, being cast into misery, avoided speaking to my friends here, my friends from home and my family (Im still living away from them in my university city).

I hatched another plan to go back to uni and do a Masters in Mechanical Engineering Design, pricing that up for the year I again hit the problem of being short 3000. I furiously applied for jobs, working out how much I would have to save to achieve the 3 grand, but alas, I could not get a job.

The truth be known I havent had a job since the week before christmas, and that shit gets you down, and I couldnt face speaking to anyone. But, I have some things in the pipe now, may be starting a temporary contract next week.

I don't know if this is the case for everyone, or if it is to what degree, but I think the financial problems everyone has no doubt encountered is a significant contribution to the lack of posting here. You dont really want to talk about philosophy etc when you cant pay the bills.

Cant we have a members drive some how? I am working on a comic, religiously themed, that when complete could draw (excuse the pun) some new members.
Adam Ajaja
I am on so many boards at the moment, I don't post much on the slower ones it must be said. If you can find a busier atheist site for us to migrate to, then by all means let us know
Doubting Thomas
I'd hate to see disappear, and I try to check in as much as my busy schedule allows. I've really enjoyed chatting with all the people here and consider them all friends. Please, if you do think about shutting down the site, let's all find a new place to congregate.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
I kind of like Atheist Nexus, though TBH I haven't spent a lot of time there, so I don't know the place well.

I like that they have groups, and a forum. There are also blogs, for those who are into it. That's something I haven't checked out yet.

It's a place just for non-theists, which I like to some degree, but some also like a good non-theist site where there's also contact - i.e., conversation with (the occasional) theist.

Anyway, their address is: http://atheistnex...

Geez TE I'm so sorry to hear about this. If I knew anyone I'd recommend you to them. I hate to say it but you might have to take any job even if only part time or two part time jobs until the market gets better. Is your field in demand? if not, which it doesn't seem to be, try another field. Maybe if you do and can go back to School go for something opposite for a back up in the future. What's in demand for hiring now might not be later. Sheesh I wish I could help you.
Theory_Execution wrote:
Things happen and people get pulled away.

I completely understand that T.E. Been there. Been subjected to that. I am not pointing fingers at anyone. I am merely admitting the obvious, that Atheists Today is becoming a chat room for a mere handful of individuals. Albeit, a handful of individual friends. I am not attempting to assign blame on anyone, I am merely making obvious that this site is dying of attrition. Sinny and others have been looking into other anti theist websites and hopefully we will find one that we can use to bring our old group together again. It will be difficult, if not impossible, but, perhaps we can reassemble a semblance of the old I hope so.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Hey Sinny, well the truth is very few fields are in demand at the moment, even law, which usually laps up troubled global financial situations has been hit hard.

I wouldnt be able to comit to a part time job save for if I knew I was definately able to start another soon after. At the moment the government are paying my housing tax, and my rent and a single part time job wouldnt cover those overheads.

I have a meeting in a few hours with a recruitment agency, they have been pretty good so far with their communication, I hit upon some real crap ones before. They offered me a position that I still need more information about. It will be working a night shift, full time. So there is a chance I will get paid more than your average, and also I would enter as a first aider, so that would give me an extra bit an hour too.

There is also a proper job I have applied for, and at the moment it seems promising, problem is I have to wait 3 weeks until I get the second interview, 3 weeks to me is another load of money I dont have to pay bills.

derF, I should pull my finger out and finish the first of my comics, I would like to share the general story of them now, but the humour will be wasted then.
Yeah I remember those crap ones. They were as crooked as a three dollar bill. I'm glad to hear you can at least get some gov't help so you can eat and live. Ever consider getting a Gov't job sinny quicly slaps herself for saying that I know it's low paying but it is steady work. There must be something like that in the UK. Maybe Federal like working for the post office. I was going to go for a job like that some years ago but the bags are heavy to carry and I only weighed 90 pounds so I chucked that idea.
Government jobs over here are well paid, iv been trying my damnest at getting one, infact the two interviews I have had (yeah, two interviews in 7months) have been for government positions. One was working for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the devision that pays out dole money and state pension, and the other was with a Probation Trust. Both standard office positions, general admin and customer support.

They said my interviews were good, but I didnt have as much experience as others who had applied.

Well this one I went to today, filled out all the forms, found a little more out about the position, took a gamble and applied for a team leader position (not done it in a work environment, but need to at some point). They have told us the company we will be working for but not what the job involves (I reckon I know what it is though, I think its a call centre for swine flu control advice - just for the place it is situated, the odd working hours and the so far hush hush nature of it).

I will find out tomorrow if I have a job, and head to work tomorrow too. Theyre just finalizing a few things.
Hope that pans out for you TE, whatever it turns out to be.

Well I had a few messages of the recruitment agency and they still dont have the positions finalized, so now ill be waiting for this week.
Hurry up and wait... :sighw:

I dont think ill ever get a job.

Just got a phone call from that recruitment agency saying that the business who was looking to hire the 300 daytime and 200 nightime staff didn't win the contract with the government, and they dont know which company did. So no job from them.

Hell I am left thinking there was no job afterall, that it was just a clever ploy to obtain the details of some 500+ people for their agency.

So, looks like I have another month ahead of me with the same rate of attrition. I think I will have to cut my losses here, and go and live with my parents. The worse thing about it all is I have told a few mates and family that I pretty much has this job, now I'll get all the questions.

At least I have my physical health.
I'm really sorry about that TE.

You know, you could be right about the agency using a ploy to get info about people for their records. I wonder if that is illegal, though it would probably be nearly impossible to prove, and who has the time or money to bother with that (and they know it, if that is in fact what they did).

While living with your parents isn't what you want to have to do, at least you know it's a temporary help - to buy a little more time while you find a job.

People know there are a lot of people not able to find jobs right now, so your friends and family will be able to relate, I'm sure.

I know people that have been looking for work for months, if not longer. There are large and small businesses laying off people right and left, and business that have closed entirely. To hear someone say they're out of work and looking isn't surprising any more.

Do what you can to keep your physical health in check - seriously. When something happens to your health it really sucks, and you need to have your health in order to deal well with other things in life.
I know if I move back it wont be temporary though, I will be there for a year or two. My brother is 24 and hes still living there.

Theres only me and one other mate who arent in full time employment. He, one friend left uni and walked into a 22k ($36k) job. Ha, that came across a bit jealous. I do know a lot of older people who are out of work though, the trades were hit real hard.

I am lucky in the respects that I dont have any dependants. I am however left doubting if it was worth me ever going to university. I could have left school and got a ground level office job and worked my way up by now, 5 years seem wasted, and that would seem more so if I went home. Thats the dilemma I face. It's a bullet I really dont want to bite.
TE 1-2 years is temporary it doesn't feel that way at the time but it is. I know it would/will be hard to move back in with your parents because I did it 3 fucking times. The first time was to save money and buy a house with another family member. The second time was to refinance on the second house I bought after I sold my half to the family member. The third time was to care for my dyeing Father and help ease the pain for my soon to be widowed Mother.

All 3 times were a bitch to go through and I wouldn't trade one single solitary time I moved back......why because it helped me to become more independent today. I learned real fast that it's fun to go out drinking while in High School and even a few years after graduating. I learned how to stick to a budget the hard way and had to slow down the drinking, partying. See I didn't have the education you have TE so you may not see it now but you are way ahead in this game of life right now. It's hard to see right now I know but you are. You will get the jobs people who never went past High School won't get.

I really think you should consider moving back in with your parents and get more education in a different field. Take a trade School course if you have to just in case. Sooner or later and I venture to say sooner people are going to find out it's much more competitive than they anticipated. There's only so many positions available even for the college educated. If every one is college educated soon that won't be many fish in the pond with the same or only one kind of education/field.

Yes you are luck and smart not to have dependents. You are too young for that right now and have plenty of time yet. If I were you I'd move back in and save up as much as possible. Save up as much as possible for emergencies only. Some day you won't have your parents to help you out like you do now so get all you can now and save up for when you no longer have them or are too old to be living with roommates. One day you will look back and say damn I hated living with them but I remember us doing this or that or conversations you never got to have because you were too young before you grew up to enjoy having with them as adults. Nice peaceful conversations worth having. Joking around and telling jokes. Just plain enjoying having them while you do. That's what I did when I could...especially when my Father was dyeing. It's shame it had to come to that for me to finally just try to enjoy them for being them.

If you do move back in it has to be your choice and you alone. So please don't kill me if you do move in and think that Sinny told me it's best grrrrr LOL. You have to think about all the things you may not be able to do while living with them that you can do now. Just remember it's not the rest of your life. But if you stick to a plan....a goal... to help set yourself up right for life it's worth it. If you move back in and get all bummed out all the time or go out pissing your money away then it's not going to help you or be worth it. It will suck if your parent's don't see you and treat you as an adult but your attitude can change them, slowly but, it just might be possible. For me in the long run it was better to just do it get it over with and learn to save up what I can so I don't have to move back in again and it worked for me the second time I moved back in because I refinanced and got my interest rate lowered. Plus it pissed off the relative I sold my half out to LMAO that I had them to move back in with and they loved me enough to let me. Cool So it was worth it financially the first time to buy a home and second to refinance my second home and the third time to help them and refinance again on the second home I still live in now Cool I'm old now so I am done with moving back in even if my Mother gets sick I'm just too old to do it now and close to paying off this freaking mortgage. Only a few more years to go Grin oh and no I won't tell you my age ...yet.

As a matter of fact if I had to do the last 2 move back in's with them I would have paid a shit load more towards my principal and possibly avoided refinancing a second time and had my home paid off by now.....*sigh* live and learn.

I hope it gets better for you soon TE and I hope you don't have to move back in but I also hope you do if you have to. I'd rather you do that then end up without a place to live. Here a person can get financial help only for so long when we don't have dependents and/or aren't disabled, handicapped.

I met a guy who was ...get this....pissed and bummed that he wasn't disabled because he couldn't get a job and didn't qualify for Gov't assistance and he had no dependents. He considered trying to find a way to make himself disabled just to get an apartment the gov't would pay for him to live in Shock too bad he couldn't get pregnant he'd have been able then to get on the list for assistance then.
We have people who scam the government on welfare over here, the claim normal job seeking benefits, disability benefits, marriage benefits, child benefits and anything else going. Its not uncommon for people to spend their whole life on the dole. I couldnt do that, I like to have the freedom to do what tickles my interest.

The other issue at the moment with my parents house is that it is undergoing construction work, and if I moved back right now I would have to sleep in the way of everyone. I called up my parents last night and told them what I thought would be best. To stay where I am for the month, waiting for some jobs to get back to me, and apply for jobs back at home, then if one comes up move back.

Also told the landlord I may be looking to move out, and he said it would be no problem to change the names over on the contract if I found someone to take my place. Meaning I would get my deposit back.

At the moment I am reading up on the mental health act, for a position working in a secure mental hospital as a nursing assistant, apparently not many people are willing to work with those we class as insane. Didn't someone here on this forum work in a similar situation, or have experience of it?
I'm pretty sure DerF worked or works in a Nursing Home it could have been something else for the insane or elderly insane LOL. check with him on that. I hope you don't have to move back in TE I really do but I also hope you won't be struborn and not do it if you have to. Not that you would it's just that I know how hard it is and I know putting off until your flat out dead beat broke will only make it worse.
I work in an upscale retirement home and run the transportation end of things. The residents are retired professionals such as Doctors, Teachers, Nurses and the like. They aren't insane although some of them end up going insane. I don't think you could equate it to working in an insane asylum for lack of a kinder gentler term for it.
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I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
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