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Sect Leader gets Prison Time in Corpse Case
This is the kind of thing that just makes my blood boil - when I know people are sitting in our prisons for having been busted for having a little weed on them - people who aren't dealers but simply use the drug for themselves - for much longer periods of time than lying, stealing scum like this.

This defrocked 'priest' (?) of the Orthodox Catholic Church of Russia starts a cult, an elderly woman joins, dies, he 'hides' her body - sitting on a toilet at the home of another member, who happens to have two kids.

During the time the old lady is alive he doesn't try to touch her money, but as soon as she's gone he's cashing her social security checks, and accessing other funds.

When he's busted he tells the authorities that he 'truly' believed she would 'come back from the dead'. Now I'd like to know when he, or anyone he's ever known, has ever, ever, ever seen that happen, to anyone, anywhere??

He tells the authorities, in what I can only imagine to have been a sheepishly school-boy 'Oh gee, guess I shouldn't have done that, huh?' kind of way that, 'I should have called the coroner and leave the supernatural to God.'

While all this is going on the woman and two children living in the home with the corpse on the toilet have to use a bucket in a closet for their toilet.

There's more to this sordid story:


*I saved some of the most cultish stuff for you to read.

So I know he didn't kill the woman, but still, all in all this horrendous event netted him two years in the pokey. I wonder how much of it he'll actually have to serve.

All the way around it's a sick, sick thing. But when I try to even imagine (we can't) what those kids living with the corpse must have gone through, I feel sick to my stomach. And the sentence their mother received for her role in not contacting authorities (uh, where does that figure in to all this?) - well, you decide what you think.

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wholly fuck!! this is....wholly fuck!?!?!! this is ....wholly fuck! unbelievably disgusting.

That had to devastate the children. The smell of a rotting corpse is horrible I can't even imagine having to live with that in your own home and having a parent so selfish that they would subject their own children to that. It didn't even stop there with the smell alone but also to place blame on the children and the parent for the corpse not rising up from the dead. The children should be immediately removed from the home for their own protection.

Bushey eventually pleaded no contest to hiding a corpse. In return Southworth dropped the other charges

What! they dropped the other charges they filed against the Mother concerning the children. I'm absolutely stunned. I'm not surprised the Grandmother of the children claims it didn't do anything to the children mostly because I think she doesn't want to take care of them if her daughter were to go to prison where she belongs. What's worse in here in America it isn't even considered child abuse because it's not physical violence or starvation. Mental, emotional abuse doesn't seem to matter to dyfs in the US.

This was all done out of greed for her money. I think they were all involved and merely hid the body not knowing what else to do with it and had to wait it out to make sure no one would see them bury it...assuming the rat bastard would show that much respect.

I know the dead woman has no clue she's on the toilet rotting but still show respect for the dead for fucks sake. She was a human being who had hopes, dreams, desires. She wasn't pond scum like this monster is as far as anyone knows.

I suspect he killed her...oh maybe not with a weapon or poison but fear would work very well on a woman her age.

I can't believe they only got slaps on their wrists for this. Even if he didn't kill her directly I suspect he did either indirectly or found a way to without showing marks/evidence. I'd get another opinion and autopsy on this woman if I were related to her.

I am so sick of their bullshit religious excuses for their sick disgusting inhuman acts, irresponsibility and complete disregard for human life in the interest of stealing money or to cover their asses.
I've been following this story for quite a while now, waiting to see the outcome. Like you Sinny, I too find it unbelievable that this guy got off so lightly, that the kid's mother wasn't convicted of at least child neglect, for crying out loud, and that there's no mention of the children being taken from her.

There is something seriously, seriously wrong with a country that will allow those who commit such horrific crimes and then file them under 'religion/god' to do so, and not severely punish the offenders.

What is wrong with us? Is valuing our children just lip service? It's absolutely crazy.

I'm to the point where I think - have laws thinking maybe they'll be 'deterrents' if that makes people feel like they're doing something - but I believe people know fully well when they're doing wrong and our laws should no longer be about deterring - when it comes to these kinds of sick crimes, our laws need to be all about punishment.
That got me the most was that they weren't removed from the home. Even if this SOB did really believe the dead woman would be resurrected, which I will never believe, he certainly wouldn't have hidden her body. If he truly believed his god would resurrect her he would have kept her dead body out in the open for people to see. Propping on a toilet is something a killer would do when proud of what he did and showing total humiliation towards the victim. The way a dead body is placed after either being killed or found dead by the person in control of their dead body has a lot to do with how that person felt about them when alive but acting out at their death. He probably couldn't humiliate her when she was alive or maybe he did and no one knows about it but he made sure he placed her in a humiliating place after her death. That in of itself shows he knew full well no way was she going to come back to life. He also wanted complete and total control over the Mother of the children and the children as well. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I would like to see laws changed in every Country where anyone who is either responsible tampering with a corpse, hiding a corpse/death, which I suspect he was in this case just not proved, get at least 20 years in prison. Even if not responsible for the death of that person [corpse].

What if this woman had family worried about her. Frantically looking for or trying to reach her and these people had the audacity to hide her body and not only hide it but in humiliating despicable way then torment and frighten young children in the process. I really do suspect they both had something to do with this woman's death.
I just cannot believe the gullibility of the American people. Can it be, that so many Americans are so undereducated that they would buy into this crap? It makes me cringe! It is not appropriate for this thread, but, please, read my latest rant on the gullibility of the American people.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Doubting Thomas
I think people are gullible. Or maybe not so much gullible, but they're intellectually lazy and want to be told what to think.

It's not so much the idiot preachers like this that I worry about, it's the stupid followers who believe every word they say. I mean, who in their right mind would allow some guy to store a dead body in their house? You'd have to be nuts to buy into his story that this dead lady will come back to life. It's never happened before, except in a book of ancient superstition.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
I agree. The "idiot preachers" would be harmless (except to themselves) if no one bought into what they say. One might say that 'freedom of religion' covers a 'multitude of sins'.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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