Time for an atheist on the Supreme Court?

Previously in Under God, we asked what seemed like a logical question: With the only Protestant on the Supreme Court (John Paul Stevens) retiring this summer, should the president appoint another Protestant to replace him?

But a California blogger is asking what seems to be an equally logical question: Should the president appoint an atheist -- or at least a nontheist -- to the Supreme Court? "We don't need another Protestant on the Court. Or a Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu or follower of any of the hundreds of religions that exist on this planet," wrote Tommi Avicolli-Mecca wrote for BeyondChron. "What the court really needs is an atheist."

The nine-member Supreme Court will never be a perfect demographic reflection of the United States. And of all the demographic factors involved in selecting a Supreme Court justice, religious affiliation is one that should never be considered. But what about lack of religious affiliation?

More at The Washington Post
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