With the successful installation of the FusionBoard Forum, I'd like to test out a few changes.

If you look to the left at your User Info Panel, you'll notice the addition of 4 lines. Whenever you login to Atheists Today, just click the New Forum Posts link to see what's been posted since your last visit. I would like to try this format out for awhile and remove the Lastest Threads panel from the Front page. It may take some getting use to, but I think it helps with the load times on pages.

I'm sure you've looked around and seen some of the new functions of the Forum, some which we'll use, some we probably won't. We'll take them on slowly and see what works. There are still a few of the new items that aren't even showing up under Admin and I'll have to work with the author of the FusionBoard to see what needs to be done to get them working. I'll keep everyone informed as it happens.

I noticed we lost Similar Threads on the viewthread pages. If we can live without them, it will probably be better on page load time as well, as it basically performs a word search before it shows the page.

Please feel free to post any criticisms, complaints or observations you feel need to be addressed and I'll work on it.

Thank you for all the fun,

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