Ok, the move is complete. Sorry for the short notice, but the lag was unbearable this morning. I hope everyone is agreeable to having a temporary home with banner ads.

Banner ads vs. Horrible lag...the ads are preferable?

Please report any broken links, non-working MODs, Panels, etc...

Just think, in about 15days I get to do this again. I think I can get it done faster when I move us back to atheiststoday.com. *crosses fingers*

-Looking for the new photo album conversion MOD. In case nobody noticed, I took the time to upgrade our PHP-Fusion from 6.01.11 to 6.01.15

-Photo album conversion didn't work. All the photos made the switch, they just didn't get added to the database. I'll delete them sometime this week and ask that those that had uploaded pictures to resubmit them when the folders are empty.
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