Foxhole Atheists fight religious bias at Fort Bragg

When the Billy Graham Evangelical Association came to Fort Bragg, NC last September to do its "Rock the Fort" concert and evangelical crusade, they received considerable aid and assistance from the US Army base there. Under a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the Army disclosed that it spent $52,475.80 to support the concert.

From a Jan. 25th FFRF news release:

The "Fort Bragg Rock the Fort 2010 Budget" document shows that Army organizers of the event apparently spent over $6,450 of public money on food, benefitting local pastors, volunteers and guests. Hotel rooms for 39 "guests" cost taxpayers $7,168, and "escort vans" for artists cost $1,360. Apparently, one "worship service leader" was given a $1,500 honorarium. The Army spent over $12,000 on advertising the event. Thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent on Christian t-shirts, a climbing rock wall, children's activities and Graham ministry DVDs.

The Billy Graham Evangelical Association, with reported net assets in 2008 of $171,527,885, is clearly not in need of taxpayer subsidy, charged Gaylor.

"It is a gross misuse of taxpayer money to aid any Christian ministry," said Gaylor. "But it shows grossly misplaced fiscal decision-making on the part of Fort Bragg to subsidize an event put on by a multi-million dollar evangelical ministry! What a boondoggle!"

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