Atheism+ My Opposition - noelplum99

17 minutes and 58 seconds of awesomeness. The best vocal dissection of the Atheism+ "movement" to date.

video from noelplum99

From the description:

This video is, to some extent, a call to arms (metaphorically speaking). The folks over at FTB who are endorsing and promoting this ambiguously named movement are political animals, they have the bit between their teeth and they will not let this thing die easily. If, like me, you oppose the co-option and conflation of the word 'atheism' for what is, in the main, a political movement - regardless of how worthy the aims - then speak up as an atheist while the term still means what it does.
Please, if you make videos or otherwise blog do so. Otherwise spread the word of those who do (through the various social media avenues all of which are an absolute mystery to me, lol!).

Ok, so here are a list of blogs i reference in this video:

Jen (who started the whole thing):

Greta Christina

Richard Carrier (for the GTFO references read the comments)

Natalie Reed

Martin Wagner at the Atheist Experience (includes my exchange with Martin in the comments)
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