Educated Catholics have sown dissent and confusion in the Church, claims bishop

The Rt Rev Patrick O'Donoghue, the Bishop of Lancaster, has claimed that graduates are spreading scepticism and sowing dissent. Instead of following the Church's teaching they are "hedonistic", "selfish" and "egocentric", he said.

In particular, the bishop complained that influential Catholics in politics and the media were undermining the Church.

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Skeeve on 11/18/2008 07:26

"Taken together, these intellectual trends have resulted in a fragmented society that marginalizes God, with many people mistakenly thinking they can live happy and productive lives without him."

Funny what a little education will do to people.

willie on 11/20/2008 14:15

This sounds like something from 'Father Ted'.

Hilarious... in a sad way.

Sinny on 11/23/2008 21:14

How happy and productive were/are the lives of the victims of child molestation by the priests in the Catholic Church. Yeah education is their enemy. Keep them dumb, quiet and fear the wrath of their punishment for speaking up about the clergy who teaches they speak for the god. Don't let them think, don't let them learn they have a right to question, doubt, prosecute and leave the church of manipulation and violation.

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