Bush dodges shoes thrown by journalist

Hypatia on 12/15/2008 14:28

Well. Obviously the only reason the journalist was subdued was because he'd neglected to step in dog poo before removing and throwing the shoes. How uncivilized of him.

General-Pryce on 12/15/2008 14:46

I found the seattle times site and this is one comment form a concerned US citizen:

If this Iraqi "reporter" symbolizes what most Iraqis think of the US, then I say we remove our troops TODAY, send Iraq a bill for about $750 BILLION to re-coup our costs PLUS $10 MILLION for every American life lost in this Iraqi war.

This guy is obviously a dick. The west invades Iraq. Iraqis get annoyed. Iraqis show their annoyance. Western world acts like a five year old child. Typical.

I love the arrogance, the assumption that all the Iraqis should be grateful, that's not the point!

jayon on 12/15/2008 16:46

Jolly good shoe, skeeve. I was coming to post this very thing.

Sinny on 12/15/2008 22:13

Too bad the reporter missed. I wouldn't be surprised to find a relative or friend of the reporter was killed/seriously injured in Bush's axis of evil.....conflict....war in Iraq.

Hypatia on 12/18/2008 20:22


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