catman on 02/20/2009 00:52

Hilarious! :laughcat: It causes me to wonder whether 'Bethany' is a retard or simply unable to face the alternative explanation.

Nails3Jesus0 on 02/21/2009 13:16

too funny!Rofl

Doubting Thomas on 02/23/2009 18:14

Uhh, yeah. That's what's going on.

cheshiredragon on 03/11/2009 21:35

You know this image has been bothering me for a while and the bells are going off in my head that someone intentionally made this. Do you see it now?

Skeeve on 03/12/2009 11:50

Still funny as hell....and "life imitating art" and all that may apply Grin

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