Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

Americans may paint themselves in increasingly bright shades of red and blue, but new research finds one thing that varies little across the nation: the liking for online pornography.

A new nationwide study (pdf) of anonymised credit-card receipts from a major online adult entertainment provider finds little variation in consumption between states.

"When it comes to adult entertainment, it seems people are more the same than different," says Benjamin Edelman at Harvard Business School.

However, there are some trends to be seen in the data. Those states that do consume the most porn tend to be more conservative and religious than states with lower levels of consumption, the study finds.

"Some of the people who are most outraged turn out to be consumers of the very things they claimed to be outraged by," Edelman says.

Full article at NewScientist
RayvenAlandria on 03/01/2009 21:03

Well Duh! We've known this forever. It's just like how most raging homophobes are fighting teh gay in dere hearts. :streamers:

Doubting Thomas on 03/04/2009 09:58

It's not surprising. When you try to suppress sexuality it just manifests itself in another way. Human sexuality is a powerful thing, and you just can't do away with it with sheer willpower. Of course, though, the Christians will just say that the people downloading porn in their state aren't true Christians.

catman on 04/22/2009 15:07

Heh, heh. If there were a Jesus, that is a likely scenario.

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