Another Abortion doctor murdered

Via Pharyngula:

The man was actually IN HIS CHURCH, being an usher, when he was shot to death.

He has been a notable activist for womens rights for quite some time. He's been attacked in the past as well.

Sick, sad world...
Hypatia on 06/09/2009 05:13

Damn - I finally located the article you posted, right here on the front page (thought this one was put here by Skeeve for some reason), and now I get a 404 message and can't read the article.

Sorry I can't, but I'm sure it's similar to the others posted in the forum.

Thanks Bob.

Skeeve on 08/02/2009 13:19

BTW, Bob....nice job in submitting this. The function is available for all members, yet you're the first one in almost a year to utilize it. Wink

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