Ky. school trip included baptisms

catman on 09/09/2009 22:17

Another fine example of Christianity's effects on the simple-minded.

Hypatia on 09/10/2009 01:27

Personally I think this was assault on these students. It isn't at all the same thing as having taken them to see a play or movie - which should also require signed permission from a parent or guardian, IMO.

This coach totally crossed the line by even thinking it was his place to take students to his church. Even if any of these kids are interested in attending a church service, or being baptized, that is something they should decided and do on their own time, and certainly not with any input from any faculty members at their schools.

A clear violation of the separation of church and state, I hope this mother (and hopefully other parents as well) will pursue the issue vigorously.

Skeeve on 09/10/2009 17:18

One parent commented that she thought her son was going to listen to a motivational speaker. I don't have a problem with it actually being in a church. In small communities, the church often pulls double duty as a community center. As Hypatia said, they crossed the line when they encouraged the students to participate in the religious activities. Using peer pressure and embarrassment as tools to "save souls" is quite underhanded.

Bob of QF on 09/11/2009 10:59

I smell a lawsuit. It's what *I* would do, if it were my kid.

While it has been Traditional for parents to teach their *own* kids all sorts of nonsense, and we allow that--

-- it has not been a tradition to let others teach undesired nonsense. Especially sans permission.

Hopefully the oft-hated ACLU will get interested.

Sinny on 10/19/2009 23:08

This is absolutely outrageous and inexcusable. No School is permitted to take students on any class trip without the parents written signed consent. The class trip should have a detailed outline of everything they will do as well as where, when they will go.

I don't even think the coach should be permitted to invite the students to his church to be baptized after School hours because he has all the power, control over the students.

Not only did this coach, superintendent decide for the parents but also for the students. Regardless of whether or not they weren't rewarded or punished for not going. Peer pressure is only one reason the students would go along. The simple fact that the faculty in charge has all the power is reason enough, it's intimidation and they know it. Much the same as a employer asking an employee if wouldn't mind joining in on prayer with them at work and/or outside of work. The authority alone over the students forces them to go along like it or not.

I would absolutely sue the coach, superintendent and force the Board of Education to suspend both of them without pay for as long as possible. I would also call the ACLU for help on what else may be done to prevent this from happening again to future generations in that School.

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