From the most excellent YouTube channel of Thunderf00t
Hypatia on 09/19/2009 14:42

WTF?? Magic beans?

And oh no, no atheists ever have that much fun. As a matter of fact, atheists are so in the closet we don't even know what fun is. *rolls eyes*

Doubting Thomas on 10/08/2009 12:34

I'd much rather be able to go out & do what I want on a Sunday, or even sleep in on Sunday morning; have sex with my wife whenever & however we want without feeling guilty; drink a beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverage; listen to rock music; not feel afraid of homosexuals or people of different religions; get out and actually enjoy life...


I could feel like a worthless human being because of a thousands-year-old superstition story; have to get out of bed Sunday morning and get dressed up in uncomfortable clothes, sit inside a stuffy building on a hard bench, sing dreary songs, and pretend to talk to a deity who pretends to love us but threatens with eternal torture if we break the littlest of its rules; be afraid to enjoy certain things in life such as alcoholic beverages, enjoying sex, and other things life has to offer because it's forbidden in an ancient book; have to pretend to like people because they go to the same building you do on Sunday morning but then talk about them behind their back; be afraid of scientific advancements because some church leaders & church members think that it goes against what your god wants; and generally feel guilty about enjoying life because you're an evil sinner and have to cling to a god-man who wants to save you from himself in order to feel even worthy to be alive; and hate this life because the next life is supposed to be better if you're worthy enough to get in.

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