I hope some of you have noticed the minor changes I've been making this past week and find them acceptable. Nobody has commented so I'll assume so.

One of my favorite new items is the Theme Switcher. It's located below the Shoutbox. There is no longer any need to set your Theme in your Profile. I think we have a nice selection of Themes there now and will only add additional ones if I find something exceptional or a member PMs me a suggestion.

I've also added a few new BBCodes in our Forum. As with the Themes, I'm done adding those unless someone finds one they would like installed. Of all of the additions I think the Share link is probably the best to help generate new members. Please use that often as you can. Email thread links to friends, share discussions with Reddit or Digg. I remember Doubting Thomas' article on atheists generated some hits to the site and maybe a new member or two.

If you have any comments, please use the Site Theme thread.

If you're interested in looking at available Themes and MODs follow these links:



Remember we use PHP-Fusion v7.01.02


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